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Special Projects - MADI Art Museum Build

1) Building pre-construction

2) Metal studs / background panels and 1st green art panels.

3) Grid-work, background panels yellow artwork / window trim

4) Installation of film protected
Number 8 mirror stainless steel panels on V-beam

5) Installation of red art tower, and beginning of marine blue section

6) 3109 Carlisle Street - Dallas, TX
World's first MADI Art Museum & Art Gallery

Blueprint Roofing & Sheet Metal recently completed the new MADI Art Museum exterior facade and roofs.  The gallery brings the distinct look of the contemporary movement to the uptown district of the Turtle Creek / Oak Lawn area of Dallas.  Once a non-descript brick building, 3109 Carlisle now attracts the interest of art patrons, artists and architects worldwide.  Designed by artist Volf Roitman, in conjunction with Bill Martin, AIA and Jom Statton, Interior Designer, the modification of the building exterior includes stainless steel with mirror finish.  Geometric shaped art panels were laser cut and powder coated in bright colors chosen by the artist and owners, Bill and Dorothy Masterson.  "Working closely with the artist, architects and owners was exciting.  Did I mention we had a steel shortage in full progress?", says Blueprint Roofing owner and application engineer Paul Mallett.  "We did it, and in time for the grand opening."

The former roof was a 3-ply asphalt application upgraded to state of the art SBS Modified Bitumen.  A foam insulation barrier board integrated into the roof system insures low radiant heat transfer for the professional offices upstairs.  A standing seam Galvalume metal roof covers the main entrance to the gallery.  The world's first MADI Museum & Art Gallery is open free of charge to the public.

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